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Vote Weatherill

28 Nov 2019   |   Callum Weatherill, Joseph Norton Academy   |   Joseph Norton Academy

A vacancy exists on the National Executive of the National Education Union (NEU) in the Support Staff seat. The NEU represents more than 29,000 support staff members across the UK in the maintained, academy, free school, independent, further education, sixth form and university sectors.

The election process is currently underway and I am proud to be one of the three individuals standing for this role, which is due to commence on 3rd December 2019. All support staff members in the NEU are eligible to vote and I would very much appreciate you supporting a Wellspring colleague – either by voting for me or encouraging others to do so. I am passionate about improving the education experiences of all our children, families and staff and will take these agendas forward in-role, if elected.

The Education Union
The Union’s greatest strength is the representation of all staff groups working in education. Support staff should be a pivotal part of workplaces, districts, regions and national structures and I will work with other members and the Executive to ensure that our voices are heard and our concerns prioritised.

Strong Communities
Our working conditions are our students’ learning conditions and schools must look to work with their students and families to build safe and inclusive learning environments for all. Taking a Zero Tolerance approach to education is having a detrimental effect on lives of our most vulnerable children and young people. By arranging local, regional and national events I will look to celebrate
and share the knowledge of restorative and relational practitioners to improve the education experience for all.

School Cuts
Our campaign looks to highlight the consistent real termcuts to education, health and social care funding, which have led to a decimation of services for children and young
people and a reduction in support staff jobs in schools. We must continue to demand more funding for education. #ValueEducation

Fair Play and Workload
Every day we influence the lives of the next generation and we are highly skilled professionals. Together, we must look to overhaul the current accountability system and develop a supportive and collaborative inspection system, as well as campaign for a return to fair, nationally agreed pay scales and working conditions for all teachers, support staff and lecturers #StrongerTogether

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