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We are still Teachers

25 May 2020   |   Laura Reader   |   Springwell Leeds

Whilst we move through these challenging and unusual times in education, we are all learning to work in new and inventive ways. We may not all be in the school, but we are still Teachers, and here at Springwell Leeds, our passion for Teaching and Learning continues to grow.

To celebrate the huge contribution made by all staff and to keep teaching and learning high profile, we continue to share our new termly Teaching and Learning Bulletin. Our Virtual Learning Team have reported that they feel well supported and many are thriving, committing time and energy to their own development through online CPD, bespoke videos made by our Leaders and dipping into our staff CPD library, to which we have just added another thirty titles.

Things We’ve Tried…
Our staff have been getting involved in bits and pieces of CPD during lockdown. If you like the sound of these, get in touch with
people for more details. Ashley T has been doing a six week psychology and mental health course on Future Learn, exploring the nature nurture debate around mental health and discussing the effect of ACEs and their impact on adult life. Laura has found Naylor’s Natter podcast – lots of different education topics, especially around teaching and learning, leadership and the science behind learning. Ron has shared a great website called Coursera, which has a whole host of training available, lots of which is free.

Fab Follows… @wellspringWell1 (the wellbeing arm of Wellspring!) @oaknational @huntingenglish @deputygrocott. Get more
involved on Twitter and grow your followers by using the hashtag #FFBwednesday – every Wednesday, thousands of educators use
the hashtag to widen their online communities.

Staff Teaching and Learning Shout Outs
Kelly – in her first month back and she is already engaging with students, making high quality tailored resources for her class and
checking in with a personal letter. Welcome back, Kelly!

Justine and Nikki C have both recently completed courses started prior to lockdown, which they have undertaken in their own time and will be massively beneficial to our students and other colleagues – well done!

Hayley – working with students in school, setting work for the virtual school, leading English and even finding time to support colleagues by making a CPD video – thank you!

CPD Videos
Even though our working patterns are anything but normal, there are still opportunities out there for us to grow and develop! If you need any help, please just get in touch. Teams CPD – check out the videos made to support colleagues in some key aspects of learning which will be beneficial to practice when we return to normal. These include:

  • An Introduction to Phonics
  • Theraplay – why we do what we do
  • Teaching Reading at Springwell
  • Sensory therapy
  • How to teach (and not to teach) Maths
  • Google Science app

Closing the Reading Gap By Alex Quigley – This book is amazing! It works through the history of reading, then the science and finally the classroom implications. Understanding how children learn to read can greatly increase our impact in the classroom.

Inside I’m Hurting by Louise Michelle Bomber – A guide to attachment difficulties, which functions as a classroom handbook. From recognising attachment styles to adapting practice to suit, this is a brilliant read for anyone in SEMH. It is school specific and is an easy read.

‘This is how we teach reading at Springwell’ – we have launched our new reading teaching strategy, which is a Springwell-friendly
version of reciprocal reading. Staff model key comprehension skills, which children learn to do themselves over time – predicting,
questioning, clarifying and summarising. Children and staff work together to jointly construct the meaning of a text. More training to
follow, but in the meantime, have a look at the video on Teams, as reading will be our key academic focus next year

If anything on our bulletin is of interest and you would like more information, please contact Laura Reader at 

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