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Wellbeing at Sevenhills &Phoenix Park.

20 Jun 2020   |   Ash Lucas   |   Phoenix Park Academy

The wellbeing of staff and students has been at the forefront of what we at Phoenix Park and Sevenhills have tried to achieve during lock down. Everyone has had their own fair share of difficulties throughout the pandemic and during times like these, the power of community can never be underestimated to support wellbeing.

When I’ve taken a step back and looked at all of the wellbeing initiatives people have been running across the sites I’ve been astounded.

Initially a lot of it was run through Google Meetings where staff have been hosting quizzes (I think our Phoenix site will challenge anyone in the UK in a pub quiz!), different forms of bingo, Wellspring Does Countdown plus simple catch ups where people have enjoyed a cup of tea with the (virtual) company of a friend. Some of these events have included a little bit of fancy dress too.

You’d be amazed how many of our staff have a secret stash of Tiger King memorabilia, random pieces of Disney attire and face paint. A little company, especially in these climates, goes a long way and when the Mad Hatter or Rambo turns up, you can’t help but smile. It was also great to see staff families join in with the events too.

These kinds of activities haven’t just been for staff though. Colleagues on each site have run similar activities for the students. Park and Sevenhills have regular Friday quizzes and Phoenix staff also play some hilarious games with students on a regular basis too. Jibber Jabber has to be a personal favourite of mine!

A few staff have been going over and above too, with our PE Teacher sharing a ‘Daily One Minute Challenge’ to get the more competitive of us up and moving. Another member of staff, has also offered his confidential expertise as a qualified Psychotherapist to the staff team.

As things are slowly returning to normal and more students being invited back on to site, our challenge is now to continue these kinds of events in a physical manner, albeit at a social distance. Already we’ve got staff organising all manner of activities for our eventual return to site, with staff painting pictures to decorate the staffroom, socially distanced picnics and runs etc. Watch this space…

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