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Wellbeing at Springwell Leeds

10 May 2020   |   Rochelle Scott   |   Springwell Leeds

It’s been challenging times since we were asked to leave our safe haven of Springwell Leeds and work from home. For many of us this did not feel right as we went into this profession to work directly with children. This in effect caused lots of anxieties for staff, so we did what we do best at Springwell North and put actions and support in place.

Apart from the weekly emails from the Principal, we use Microsoft Teams as our main line of communication. We encourage each other
to share successes, communication is clear and consistent and staff are clear about work expectations and support available for managing
a work/wellbeing balance.

We also use this platform to share our daily affirmations and timetable of social events available to staff, which include art sessions, cookery lessons, quizzes and exercise. We also communicate through there the Trust’s Wellbeing offer and resources provided at the Wellbeing Champions Network meetings.

We have recently joined the 30-day Abs Challenge with our school family in the Springwell South and East. We have a Taskmaster WhatsApp group which has been very successful and I might add quite competitive. We have seen a very different side to some of the staff! We also have a whole school WhatsApp group for all staff to keep in touch. In addition to this we have class team meetings once a week and whole pod google meetings led by our Principal.

As a Wellbeing Champion I offer a listening ear if a more personal type of support is required so I can signpost staff to the relevant
support/services available.

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