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Wellbeing Support with MindSpace

15 Jun 2020   |   Jade Sievewright   |   MindSpace

The MindSpace team have been working non-stop during lockdown supporting young people and families across Barnsley, including staff across the Trust. Since lockdown, Jade from the MindSpace team has provided the wellbeing champions with daily affirmations to share across the school community. Thank you for all the appreciation we have received.

The MindSpace team have been running Relax and Revitalise sessions every Wednesday and Thursday. Sessions started 1st April, initially we offered two sessions of the same topic every Wednesday to all Wellspring staff from 1:30 until 2 and 2 until 2:30, with a Wellbeing Q&A on Thursdays 10:30 until 11:00. From the information kindly shared by staff who attended, we listened to your needs and gave each session a theme to support health and wellbeing.

Topics covered so far:

  • The benefits of journaling
  • Wellbeing quiz covering sleep, diet, exercise and hydration.
  • Positive thinking and distraction
  • Understanding the importance of self-care
  • 5 ways to wellbeing
  • Positivity bucket list
  • Remaining positive in a pandemic

Please visit the Wellspring website and look for the ConnectEd button in the top right hand corner to find the latest themed sessions.

Wellspring Free Counselling Service 

Our Counselling service is available to all Wellspring staff and parent/carers of children and young people attending a Wellspring Academy Trust school. For further information and the flyer with all the details visit the ConnectEd page.

“Working with O’Neil really helped me to shift my mindset and helped me with the sense of powerlessness I’ve been feeling due to various circumstances.” Testimonial from a member of staff who decided to access the counselling service.

Staff can access counselling via email or call and text 07985 112044.








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