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Wellspring Festival of Learning #WATFest2020

07 Feb 2020   |   Chris Jessup

16 venues. 40 sessions. Over 1500 colleagues. 1 movie. What a day to remember. The inaugural Wellspring Festival of Learning proved to be a showcase of talent and inspiration.  It demonstrated above all the power of collaboration and the possibility of collective transformation that lies within our schools.

From the start of the idea as a suggestion for a Trust-wide Training Day, it quickly gathered momentum of its own as ideas, energy and connections were made at speed. Each community within Wellspring was invited to showcase areas of expertise. Each was encouraged to provide workshops and speakers. Each and every response provided further evidence of the wealth of talent that exists within our Trust.

“What an amazing day!I am blown away by the amount of talent, inspiration and creativity we have in our schools!”

A unique quality of Wellspring is the breadth and depth of expertise within our communities. All were included and the wealth was on full display in the many and varied workshops. Inspiration came in many forms: from curriculum development at Bramley Park, to Vocational Learning at Greenacre. From Nurturing SEMH learners at Phoenix Park to Mastery Maths at Lacey Gardens. The list of choices went on and every part of the Trust was represented and took part.

As a Trust we are constantly assured by the professionalism of our support team. Colleagues from the team brought the day together with the skill, determination and experience we have all come to recognise. No small undertaking with everything to coordinate for the big day! This expertise was mirrored in the schools, who catered for visitors with exceptional courtesy and warmth. Every institution looked amazing. Every workshop was well planned and delivered to an extremely high standard.

“So many people coming together, enjoying different experiences, connecting, building new relationships & deepening existing ones!”

The Central Support Team was not to be left out – the Digital Media Centre in Barnsley resounded to thinking, collaboration and team building. Many sessions were led by Wellspring’s Expert Practitioners  -our new cohort of exemplary teachers leading the way in a self improving school system.

Above all, our Festival allowed colleagues from our regions to get together and learn alongside one another. Many new relationships and networks were formed on the day. We know that relationships are the most powerful driver for development and improvement. Bringing together this huge team for a day of celebration and learning shows how powerful we are, together. We make a difference in all of our separate twenty two communities every day. The Festival was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate, connect and learn. Here’s to WATFest 2021!

“Colleagues learning from each other, sharing their experiences, making new friends, building new bonds, relationships and forming professional networks. It’s a wonderful thing.”






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