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Wild Days at Oakwell Rise

29 Oct 2019   |   Claire Batley   |   Oakwell Rise Primary Academy

The children at Oakwell Rise have been taking part in an exciting new part to the curriculum based in the outdoors. Each class will attend a Wild Day every Half Term which is underpinned by the need to arm the children with basic survival skills, develop language, collaboration skills and develop a thirst for active, healthy lifestyles.

The sessions offer our children the opportunity to develop their wild skills ‘beyond the four walls’. The children have already begun to learn a variety of skills such as forest skills, language development, fine and gross motor skills, keeping safe and understanding the world around them. Each half term the children go out with their class teachers and Tom, from Green Man Learning, to work together through a personalised curriculum. This is working towards an accredited course via the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

Year 6 were the first class to take part in this exciting project. The children completed various activities from den building to fire lighting. As the photographs and blogs below show they had an amazing time!


The wild day was really fun and exciting. We went into the forest and did lots of things like playing hide and seek and building dens out of waterproof sheets, string, trees and sticks. We also made fires out of bricks, flint, steel and cotton wool. My favourite part was when I hid under my den; but, it was really low down so me and my friends had to crouch down to fit under it. Tom, our instructor, was really nice and friendly -he made sure we were all safe’. –  Olivia Year 6

‘The wild day was extremely good fun; we had such a super time! We were set lots of activities such as den building – to do this we had to use string, some plastic sheets and sticks. You had to tie the string to two trees and cover them with the sheets (which were waterproof). After that, you covered it with sticks and then you could sit underneath to keep dry – ish! We also played hide and seek in the woods (some people used camouflage to blend in better). After that, we had a different version of the game called Dobby. This was where we had to run away from the teachers (as fast as possible) and when Tom, the instructor, had finished counting we had to stop where we were. If the teachers saw us… we were out! We won if you got to the teachers and tapped them on the shoulder without them seeing you. We also lit fires with a brick, flint and steel and cotton. Tom was our instructor and everyone liked him, he was very nice and calm. Overall, we had a fantastic time – even if we got a little wet!!!–  Jack Year 6

On Tuesday 24th of September we made our way down onto Oakhill’s premises to enjoy a brilliant day ahead for Year 6. Once we arrived we made our way into the woods with Tom and had a little talk about all the things we would be doing during the day. Tom was brilliant and had shown a lot of care for each one of us; even though, he was incredibly cold like everyone else. We played many games like: hide and seek, hot potato and Dobby. We all know that the other classes would enjoy working along with him as we loved it’. Lilly Year 6

Year 2 have also ventured out in to the wild. Here is what their class teacher had to say…

On Tuesday 1st October, Year 2 went to Oakhill Academy to explore the woods on their Wild Day. The marvellous children had a super day with Tom (our Wild Day expert) making dens, exploring the natural environment and creating a safe space for a woodland creature. Although, the weather was not on our side and the downpour continued all day, the children were wrapped up in their waterproofs and warm clothes and did not let the weather spoil their fun!’

Although the first two days have been wet and wild, they have also been a huge hit with the children who have already gained so many important life skills.

In the next few weeks the remaining classes will head out into the forest to see how in touch with their basic instinct and inner warrior they are. Details of which will be on our new blog…



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