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Pupils go Wild

24 Feb 2020   |   Steve Cumberworth   |   Springwell Lincolnshire

On the 24 February, conservation and development officers from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust worked with Key Stage 2 pupils from Springwell Alternative Academy Mablethorpe, to plan how the pupils might enhance and develop the school grounds.

The pupils are aiming to create an outdoor learning environment which enables them to discover, enhance and interact with nature on their doorstep and develop social and leadership skills leading and managing outdoor learning opportunities.

After deciding exactly what they wanted to achieve pupils were supported by the Wildlife Trust in sampling and surveying the site, assessing ecological niches and estimating current biodiversity.

Pupils were amazed at the variety of life just under their noses and explored how all the different organisms were interdependent and relied upon each other.

Finally they drew up their plans for the area to be developed over the next month which includes the planting of 250 native trees and working with ‘LoveLincsPlants’ to create native meadowland to improve biodiversity.

This will be part of an ongoing project for Springwell pupils to continually develop their own wood and meadowland learning environments but also be part of the Wellbeing with Nature project encouraging children to interact with nature in a range of ways to enhance their wellbeing

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