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A number of key policies apply Trust-wide.  Others are Academy-specific, reflecting local circumstances.




The Financial Regulations (latest version approved October 2021) provide a control framework over the totality of the Trust’s resources and are complied with by all staff associated with the Trust. The Regulations are consistent with the latest version of the ESFA Academies Financial Handbook.

The Trustees Report and Audited Accounts represent the annual report of the Trustees and the detailed financial statements for the relevant financial year (September to August) The latest version (re year-ended 31 August 2021) was approved by the Trust Board in December 2021.



The Memorandum of Association relates to the establishment of the Trust under Company Law and the Articles of Association set out how it is operated and governed. The Master Funding Agreement is effectively the contract between the Department for Education and the Trust. The Schemes of Delegation outline the operational authority delegated by the Trust’s Board of Directors (its Trustees) to the Chief Executive and to Committees of the Board. The Trust’s Register of Interests contains information provided by Trustees, Members and senior management regarding any business and pecuniary interests they have outside of the Trust, in the interests of transparency.