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Wellspring Why Join Us?

Join Wellspring

We welcome conversations with like-minded schools who may be interested in joining our Wellspring family. Please contact Natalie Hardman, Chief Administration Officer at if you would like a chat. 

We work wholeheartedly to ensure the very best for our young people, our staff team and our communities. Our values, ethics and aims are much more than mere statements; they guide the way in which we work and unite us.

Our school Principals and Governing Bodies enjoy the freedom to lead with confidence, ambition and imagination. Our support is tailored and solutions-focused.  

We encourage those thinking of joining our community to talk to our Principals. You don’t have to arrange this via us, please feel comfortable to contact them directly.

Chief Administration Officer

Natalie Hardman

Chief Administration Officer
On conversion, we will
Welcome You

Welcome You

Welcome you into our dynamic and vibrant community of practice

5 Year Vision

5 Year Vision

Work with you to create a Five-Year vision for your school, curriculum, premises and community.

Upgrade Services

Upgrade Services

Upgrade your Broadband speed to a minimum 100Mb.

Digital Hub

Digital Hub

Install a Digital Hub (large screen, tracking camera, microphone and Control Panel) in your setting/s to connect you to collaboration and communication networks.

Fund Signage

Fund Signage

Fund any changes to signage, website and/or literature that are required. 

embrace you with the services of our expert and dedicated...
  • Financial Management team
  • Procurement team 
  • HR team
  • Estates team
  • Governance team
Difference Makers Magazine

Difference Makers Magazine

Our new half-termly magazine, full of wonderful things going on around the trust.
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Josie Thirkell

Josie Thirkell

Teacher Training, Early Careers Teachers, National Professional Qualifications
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And Engage you in
  •  JosieTV (Constantly updated online CPD content for staff at all levels)
  • Subject and Practice networks
  • Positive Regard (Behaviour and Engagement support)
  • Josie Thirkell Institute of Education (Initial Teacher Training, Early Careers Teachers, National Professional Qualifications)
  • School Improvement Support led by Dave Whitaker, Director of Learning, National Leader of Education
  • Leadership Community network
  • Annual Festival of Learning 
  • Monthly Online Principal Briefing (technical updates)
  • Termly face-to-face Principal Meeting (by region)
  • Leadership Conference (twice annual)
  • Termly magazine delivered to school and online, distributed to all staff featuring education updates and news from around the Trust
  • Sector-leading Governing Body Information Pack (termly, includes key at-a-glance information to aid effective governance)
  • Sector-leading assurance. 

We provide wrap-around support during the conversion and onboarding process to ensure that your transition with us is as smooth as possible.