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Staff Story Amy Spivey

Amy Spivey

Assistant Principal

Firstly, I think the opportunities I have had for CPD and to work with experts, coaches and leading practitioners is something which certainly resonates with me. Through the trust, I completed Power of Reading training which ignited my passion for English and thus provided me with the platform to gain SLE status as well as becoming English lead at Bramley Park Academy. Furthermore, the professional generosity of so many of our colleagues within Wellspring is something which I think to be niche and also incredibly powerful. Therefore, I think working for Wellspring has provided me with a network of leading colleagues which stretches further than one I have ever previously experienced in other settings. There is always someone who will know the answer or be able to help and that is something I always value. Secondly, I also believe that the career development I have had from class teacher to assistant principal is one which I would never have endeavoured to strive for. As a result of the support I receive, everyday I nurture a striving team of teachers within my phase who are all happy, secure, committed and dedicated to the young people they are teaching each day. Finally, despite this account being about my personal experience of working for Wellspring, I must comment on the difference in the children at Bramley Park as ultimately they are the centre of my role and the difference in them has ultimately made a difference to me in my job. The children are infectiously proud to be at our school and are so engaged in their learning that it is impossible for me to be anything other than dedicated, enthusiastic and committed.