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Welcome to Wellspring

Our success so far has been founded on the principle of professional freedom enhanced by rigorous Quality Assurance and support systems provided by the trust. I take enormous pride in the fact that each of our Academies has its own unique identity and way of being.

What unites Wellspring Academies is our accord on a broad set of principles. We believe in respect, in valuing people, in an inclusive and ethical approach and in continually striving to become even better. we are convinced that all of these elements are essential to providing the very best that we can for our young people.

I am very privileged to hold the position I do in this exceptional organisation and delight in the fact that every success we experience is shared success. So many people contribute to our effectiveness. Teamwork powers us.

Mark Wilson – Wellspring Chief Executive.


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Our Vision

To make a real difference by raising the expectations ad ambitions of every young person in our care and the communities we serve.


We believe in respect, in valuing people, in an inclusive and ethical approach and in continually striving to become even better.

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Our Values and Culture

We believe that education is the vehicle for improved outcomes for all. Improved outcomes for all aid the cause of social justice through equity. This is why we are so passionate about what we do.

We champion inclusive education, stronger communities and improving life chances. We are passionate about our social purpose: to make a difference.


Latest News

@WellspringATWellspring Academy Trust
28-07-2022 @ 12:02
The pupils @PhoenixPark_ have had the longest wait for their summer hols (they've finished today) but that's now all our fabulous schools closed until September. Have an absolutely wonderful summer break all. You deserve it! 
@bramley_parkBramley Park Academy
26-07-2022 @ 15:13
Have a wonderful summer break, and we look forward to welcoming our students back on Wednesday 7th September.
@WellspringATWellspring Academy Trust
26-07-2022 @ 13:32
Huge thanks to @LufcFoundation 💙💛for inviting some of our @PennyField2021 pupils for a tour of Elland Road. The visit was part of a growing relationship between the football club and the school. The children had a brilliant time! ⚽️ #LUFC 

@WellspringATWellspring Academy Trust
25-07-2022 @ 13:59
Know how to bag a bargain? Great at negotiating deals? Brilliant at supplier relations? Then drop us a line! We need a procurement assistant to help with buying the goods & services that keep our 28 amazing academies running #jobs #vacancies #procurement 
@WellspringATWellspring Academy Trust
25-07-2022 @ 12:07
RT @BeaconAcademyCL: A nice story on page 11 of today’s @GrimsbyLive featuring our recent ‘Open-Air’ concert. @WellspringAT @MarkWilCEO @da
@JosephNorton001Joseph Norton
22-07-2022 @ 17:23
The end of a brilliant year - saying goodbye and good luck to some fantastic colleagues… 💚🧡💛 if you know, you know. #jnavalues 
@WellspringATWellspring Academy Trust
22-07-2022 @ 15:20
RT @MarkWilCEO: It is wonderful to see so many amazing, joy-filled end of year activities and celebrations in all our schools.  My sincere…
@JosephNorton001Joseph Norton
21-07-2022 @ 19:57
What a team! 
@bramley_parkBramley Park Academy
18-07-2022 @ 07:48
The closing date for the part-time admin role is Wednesday. Please see the school website or follow the link below for more information  
@bramley_parkBramley Park Academy
12-07-2022 @ 09:36
It's never to early to put your child's name down on our nursery waiting list. Whether they are 6 months - 2 years etc., Its always better to be prepared. Click the link below to enquiry 
@bramley_parkBramley Park Academy
08-07-2022 @ 12:05
RT @Missjam2019: What a great transition morning with my new year 2’s! #supertato #inmyelement #year2 #proud  @bramley_park
@bramley_parkBramley Park Academy
08-07-2022 @ 12:05
RT @AmySpivey16: Wonderful transition morning @bramley_park with my new Year 6 superstars. We made model “Endurance” ships to launch our cu…
@JosephNorton001Joseph Norton
06-07-2022 @ 09:43
Thanks to Lee for representing us at the Josie Thirkell Knowledge Exchange this morning. 
@JosephNorton001Joseph Norton
04-07-2022 @ 17:02
Welcoming colleagues to our Partnership as part of our New to SEND programme. We can’t wait to see you in September! 
@JosephNorton001Joseph Norton
04-07-2022 @ 13:09
RT @springwellLC: Underwater Tone Poem. Sam depicts an underwater scene. This piece would be appropriate to accompany a David Attenborough…
04-03-2021 @ 11:32
Thank you to the residents of Tanglewood Care Home for these wonderful gifts for our teachers.
@TWCareHomes #Horncastle 
18-01-2021 @ 16:07
Don't forget that you can come and collect an exercise book from outside school each morning between 9.30am and 11.30am.  One book per pupil please.  

Please respect social distancing and use the hand sanitiser provided.
01-11-2020 @ 16:01
Some more books ready to go on the shelves tomorrow! 📚 
30-10-2020 @ 09:59
Our wildlife area has been transformed!  Thank you Lincolnshire Ground Care and Landscapes for your generosity. 😀 
09-09-2020 @ 16:41
We've been really busy creating some exciting new library spaces at school to house all of the wonderful books we've bought! 

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Wellspring values its staff and recognises the pivotal importance of professional development and ensuring that we all have a network of practice and support around us.