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Wellspring has a proven track record of our Academies
being judged to be Good or Outstanding since joining the Trust.


My sincere thanks for your interest in Wellspring.

Our success so far has been founded on the principle of professional freedom enhanced by rigorous Quality Assurance and support systems provided by the Trust. I take enormous pride in the fact that each of our Academies has its own unique identity and way of being.

What unites Wellspring Academies is our accord on a broad set of principles. We believe in respect, in valuing people, in an inclusive and ethical approach and in continually striving to become even better.

We are convinced that all of these elements are essential to providing the very best that we can for our young people.

Mark Wilson

Our Values

  • Inclusive

    We value, celebrate, advocate for and uphold inclusive practice in all its forms.

  • Ethical

    We uphold the values and virtues of ethical leadership and ethical education.

  • Student-centred

    We put our young people first. We believe that a good education is founded upon strong positive networks.

  • Collaborative

    Appreciative Enquiry, Peer-to-Peer Networks, System-led development. We improve through collaboration together.

  • Professional Freedom and Responsibility

    Our Principals have the professional freedom to realise their vision for their context.

  • Progressive

    We innovate, explore, remain curious, develop new ideas, make mistakes and keep learning.

  • Professional

    We have high expectations, high standards and an exceptional community of professionals.