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Welcome to Wellspring

Our success so far has been founded on the principle of professional freedom enhanced by rigorous Quality Assurance and support systems provided by the trust. I take enormous pride in the fact that each of our Academies has its own unique identity and way of being.

What unites Wellspring Academies is our accord on a broad set of principles. We believe in respect, in valuing people, in an inclusive and ethical approach and in continually striving to become even better. we are convinced that all of these elements are essential to providing the very best that we can for our young people.

I am very privileged to hold the position I do in this exceptional organisation and delight in the fact that every success we experience is shared success. So many people contribute to our effectiveness. Teamwork powers us.

Mark Wilson – Wellspring Chief Executive.


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Our Vision

To make a real difference by raising the expectations ad ambitions of every young person in our care and the communities we serve.


We believe in respect, in valuing people, in an inclusive and ethical approach and in continually striving to become even better.

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Our Values and Culture

We believe that education is the vehicle for improved outcomes for all. Improved outcomes for all aid the cause of social justice through equity. This is why we are so passionate about what we do.

We champion inclusive education, stronger communities and improving life chances. We are passionate about our social purpose: to make a difference.


Latest News

@PennyField2021Penny Field School
04-07-2022 @ 15:07
Hannah and other members of staff are joining @PhysCapUK for their charity walk this weekend. This wonderful charity has helped so many children with disabilities and have been such a support to our school. Please donate if you can 😊  #OnePeakChallenge 
@WellspringATWellspring Academy Trust
04-07-2022 @ 12:58
Once upon a time, there was a Trust that had an ambition  to make a difference. This is the story of that very special Trust. This is Wellspring... 

#Wellspringis10 #wemakeadifference

@SpringwellLincsSpringwell Learning Community Lincolnshire
01-07-2022 @ 17:49
RT @SpringwellMabl2: WOW! #TeamSAAM are so proud to have represented @SpringwellLincs for the #wellspringis10 video. Check this out 👇it is…
@WellspringATWellspring Academy Trust
01-07-2022 @ 14:59
@kearns228 @AdBell26 We’ll be sharing it next week!
@WellspringATWellspring Academy Trust
01-07-2022 @ 14:57
Couldn't agree more. Our @davewhitaker246 really knows his stuff when it comes to treating behaviour challenges with kindness and adopting a relational approach. Definitely a must read! 
@WellspringATWellspring Academy Trust
01-07-2022 @ 14:46
🤩Stars of the show! They were brilliant. No small thing standing on a stage in front of a room full of strangers but these pro performers weren't fazed at all! 👋👋👋 
@WellspringATWellspring Academy Trust
01-07-2022 @ 13:37
@GreenacreSchool Big thanks to them all. They did a superb job. The food was delicious and the service fantastic! 😋
@PennyField2021Penny Field School
01-07-2022 @ 11:17
A great way to end a week of celebrations - cake and treats for the staff to enjoy together 😍🥰🎂 
Happy 10th birthday @WellspringAT 🥳🎉🎊 We are so proud to be part of such a wonderful Trust #wellspringis10 #HappyBirthday  #WeMakeADifference 
@PennyField2021Penny Field School
01-07-2022 @ 11:08
RT @LizHudsonPR: We’ve been working our socks off @WellspringAT to give our 10th birthday the celebration it deserves, I’m incredibly proud…
@PennyField2021Penny Field School
01-07-2022 @ 11:07
RT @WellspringAT: The final day of our week of celebrations - and we've got 2 bits of brilliance to share with you! First up, our #wellspri
@PennyField2021Penny Field School
01-07-2022 @ 06:20
RT @LUFC: 🤍 Keeping our community at the heart of everything we do 
@VPALeedsVictoria Primary Academy
30-06-2022 @ 20:53
RT @WellspringAT: Wow! Well what a celebration! Such a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves of what this incredibly special organisati…
@SpringwellLincsSpringwell Learning Community Lincolnshire
30-06-2022 @ 16:17
RT @SAA_Grantham: KS3 students loved their reading session this afternoon. They were introduced to myON @RenLearn_int and were thrilled to…
@SpringwellLincsSpringwell Learning Community Lincolnshire
30-06-2022 @ 16:16
RT @SAA_Grantham: It's #RSEday and our staff and students have been discussing healthy relationships & celebrating differences ✨ 
We are pr…
@SpringwellLincsSpringwell Learning Community Lincolnshire
29-06-2022 @ 19:01
@St1979Clare @WellspringAT And so you should be! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you 😊
@VPALeedsVictoria Primary Academy
29-06-2022 @ 12:24
Well that was an experience we will never forget! Our children were incredible and soaked up every second of their tour @EllandRoad with @LUFC ⚽️⬜️🟨🟦  #WowWednesday #Wellspringis10 @WellspringAT 
@SpringwellLincsSpringwell Learning Community Lincolnshire
24-06-2022 @ 19:04
RT @WellspringAT: Mia Sneyd from @SpringwellLincs explaining how JosieTV has strengthened their CPD offer #WATConference
@VPALeedsVictoria Primary Academy
16-06-2022 @ 17:34
RT @WathenCarol: Celebrating Fathers Day early ⁦@VPALeeds⁩ with some of our parents. Happy Fathers Day  for Sunday to all you Dads out ther…
@VPALeedsVictoria Primary Academy
14-06-2022 @ 20:25
@SallyMa71333448 @WellspringAT Phew! We're glad to hear it 🤩
@VPALeedsVictoria Primary Academy
14-06-2022 @ 18:37
We have an exciting opportunity to join #TeamVPA as a volunteer this September. If you think this is the role for you, pop along to Miss Brook's informal meeting next Thursday in the school hall to find out more. Who knows where it might take you 🤩🤩 

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Wellspring values its staff and recognises the pivotal importance of professional development and ensuring that we all have a network of practice and support around us.