Communicolour Art Installation Inspires Grimsby Pupils

School’s getting a whole lot brighter for pupils in Grimsby thanks to Communicolour, an innovative new project that brings together schools and leading artists.

Phoenix Park Academy is the latest school to benefit from an inspiring, bold Communicolour art installation. Designed by acclaimed Sheffield-based artist Marcus Method, a sculpture series is transforming the outdoor space at Phoenix Park with vibrant colour and pattern.

Communicolour is a groundbreaking new initiative from Wellspring Academy Trust and aims to create a world less grey for pupils and communities by converting forgotten grey spaces into riots of colour and contemporary design. Playgrounds, fences, sides of buildings and more in schools across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have been reimagined as canvases and now display striking and engaging art.

Mark Wilson, Chief Executive at Wellspring Academy Trust, explains: “Education is really about igniting the imaginations of children and young people. Our sense of space and the calibre of our surroundings plays a critical role in that. Through our Communicolour work, we are creating spaces that are inspiring and engaging, and introduce our pupils to the incredible benefits art can have on our wellbeing.

“We want our young people to be inspired by our Communicolour art projects and, crucially, to take away the confidence that they can make a positive contribution in the world. We want them to understand they can express themselves through creativity. We want them to see value in experimentation and play, to see the world as vibrant and joyful. We want our young people to enjoy their experience of school in every form.’’

Marcus Method, artist behind the design at Phoenix Park, added: “Using my designs to inspire and engage young people and introduce them to the benefits of art has been a real pleasure. The sculptures have been designed around the concept of ‘Flourishing,’ and represent change and growth. The first sculpture is very regimented and uniform, but as each one progresses, more shape, colour and dynamism is added. This journey represents the life of the young people in school – maybe unsure and shy at the start but flourishing over time through meeting new people and experiencing new things, and enriching their lives.”