Littlecoates Crowdfunds for New Wildlife Area 

Littlecoates Primary Academy in Grimsby is excited to share its crowdfunding campaign to create a new pond and wildlife area within its school grounds. This comes fast on the heels of the school gardening club being named a top ten finalist in last year’s prestigious RHS School Gardeners of the Year competition. This recognition showcases the school’s commitment to environmental education and sustainable practices, while the crowdfunding campaign aims to provide students with an enhanced learning environment and support local wildlife.

Following on from their achievement, Littlecoates Primary Academy is now moving on to a crowdfunding campaign to fund the development of a dedicated pond and wildlife area on the school grounds. The campaign aims to turn some disused, bramble-covered space into an enriching habitat for local wildlife, including a pond and a hide for observing and learning about the diverse species that inhabit the area. This initiative underscores the school’s commitment to environmental stewardship, biodiversity, and providing students with immersive educational opportunities.

Neville Wilkinson, Headteacher at Littlecoates Primary Academy, said: “We are immensely proud to be named a finalist in the RHS School Gardeners of the Year competition, recognising the hard work and dedication of our gardening club. This achievement pushes us on to continue our efforts in environmental education. Our crowdfunding campaign for the new wildlife area aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our students with exceptional learning experiences and create a sustainable future for our local ecosystem. For many of our pupils, green space is in short supply at home so offering access to the natural world at school is incredibly important.”

The crowdfunding campaign will enable Littlecoates Primary Academy to transform a large, currently unused portion of their grounds into a thriving wildlife habitat. By supporting the campaign, donors will contribute to the creation of an ecosystem that fosters biodiversity, allowing students to engage with nature and learn about the importance of conservation first hand. The campaign will also provide the wider community with some much needed green space to enjoy and benefit from.

The gardening club at Littlecoates Primary Academy has been instrumental in fostering a love for gardening and nature among the students. The club is supported by Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) and run by volunteer leader and ‘Green Mentor’ Sam Smith. Through various educational activities and projects, the club has empowered children to develop their gardening skills and deepen their understanding of environmental sustainability. The addition of the new wildlife area will provide an immersive setting for students to explore and appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

The combination of being named a finalist in the prestigious competition and launching the crowdfunding campaign highlights Littlecoates Primary Academy’s dedication to environmental education and community engagement. The school invites Littlecoates’ supporters and nature enthusiasts alike to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign and help create a vibrant wildlife area that will inspire generations of students and benefit the whole community.

To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign and contribute to Littlecoates Primary Academy’s new wildlife area, please visit