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Latest News Goodbye to George! Beacon Academy’s Influential Chair of Governors Steps Down

Goodbye to George! Beacon Academy’s Influential Chair of Governors Steps Down

In the world of education in North East Lincolnshire, few have made as unforgettable an impact as the Chair of Governors at Beacon Academy, George Krawiec. With unwavering dedication to the school, its staff, and students, George’s leadership and passionate advocacy have played a pivotal role in the incredible transformation of Beacon Academy. As George embarks on a new chapter in life, closer to family, we celebrate the profound impact he has made through his invaluable advice, guidance, and unwavering commitment to governance.

George came to Beacon with a track record of delivering transformation, having turned around North East Lincolnshire Council from zero rated in his role as CEO of the council. This experience proved invaluable during his time at Beacon, and George played a pivotal role in ensuring the survival and success of the school. He was a driving force behind the school joining Wellspring, recognising the alignment between Wellspring’s values and Beacon Academy’s needs. George wholeheartedly advocated for the affiliation, believing it to be the best solution for long-term sustainability and ensuring the local community continued to have a secondary school on its doorstep.

Beyond Beacon Academy, George served as governor at two other schools, including Wellspring’s Phoenix Park and Sevenhills. He also served on the Wellspring Trust Board for a period of time and he has actively participated in Wellspring’s Chairs’ Network and the Governance Working Group, sharing his expertise to advise the Trust Board on governance matters. His efforts to attract new and diverse governors, support professional development initiatives, and promote effective governance have strengthened the Trust and ensured the continued success of the school.

George’s involvement with Beacon has been instrumental in finding exceptional individuals to join the school’s staff team. Recognising the importance of dedicated staff, George has been a regular attendee at interviews to ensure new team members were the right fit for Beacon. His strong support for the school’s ethos and ambitious vision has been crucial. Moreover, George’s unwavering commitment to students facing challenging circumstances, including those who have been excluded from other schools and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, has raised aspirations and provided vital support. His dedication to all pupils at Beacon Academy and his innovative approaches to education have inspired and engaged students, leaving a lasting impact on their educational journeys. Pupils at Beacon know George by name, a rare occurrence for any school governor, and testimony to George’s impact at every level.

George’s most remarkable achievement as Chair of Governors was his unwavering commitment to securing the future of Beacon Academy during its transition from Holy Family Academy. Faced with the looming threat of closure, George passionately fought to preserve the school’s inclusive ethos. Through extensive collaboration with all stakeholders and particularly the DfE and the local MP, George played a vital role in demonstrating that Beacon Academy could thrive under Wellspring’s guidance. The impact has been remarkable, with the school now over subscribed, improved academic outcomes, financial stability, and a commitment from the DfE to build a multi-million pound new school under the government’s School Rebuilding Programme. 

George Krawiec’s tenure as Chair of Governors at Beacon Academy has been defined by his unwavering commitment to the school’s students, staff, and governance. Through his passionate advocacy, dedication to raising aspirations, and strategic leadership, George has been a driving force behind the school’s transformation and its importance within Wellspring. As George embarks on new endeavours, we bid him a heartfelt farewell, recognising the enduring legacy of positive change he leaves behind at Beacon Academy. He leaves some very big shoes to fill!