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Latest News Science STEM Challenges at Bramley Park

Science STEM Challenges at Bramley Park

As teachers, we all know that children benefit from exploring their learning in a variety of ways. At Bramley Park Academy, we always strive to provide our children with hands-on, engaging and purposeful learning experiences.

Despite the current lockdown restrictions, we are adamant that this will not stop for our children and their families. We have been working hard to find ways to encourage children to engage with the whole curriculum – as normal – even if that is from behind a computer screen (for now).


One of the ways that we have done this so far is with the introduction of a weekly STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) challenge. These challenges have been designed so that they can easily be carried out at home with the whole family. The challenges include building the tallest free-standing tower out of everyday objects; making your own musical instrument; creating a collage from 2D and 3D shapes and creating your own mini habitat. Rather than focusing on just subject knowledge, these challenges encourage children to develop their skill set by finding out about the world around them. Inquiry learning is made more
relevant throughout the real-life links and self-led problem-solving projects.

To encourage children and parents to take part a winner from each Key Stage will be chosen and prizes will be awarded when all children return to school. We have had an excellent response to the challenges so far, both on Google Classroom and on our schools Twitter page (@bramley_park).